To grow, to mature

and to unfold

is the most natural thing

in the world.

Life Coaching


You need clarity for your situation? You are looking for a way out of a crisis or you want a breath of fresh air for your life‘s journey? Together we start from where you stand now. We find out what it is all about and develop a clever strategy for your next steps. Sensitively, creatively and with the right amount of humor you will be accompanied and supported in your own development process

Why coaching helps?

Because it is naturally difficult for us to maintain an overview in the thicket of our own thoughts, feelings and the sometimes contradictory impulses. When working with our own personal story, it helps to have an experienced conversation partner who puts up a mirror in the right places, who asks clever questions and who gives practical suggestions.

What are the goals?

The goals of a coaching are as individual as we people are. Looking from where you stand now we will honestly explore your aspirations and wishes and investigate ressources, possibilities and solutions to get there.

  • Where do I want to go?
  • What do I yearn for?
  • How do I want to live?
  • How can I overcome obstacles and inhibitions to realise my dreams?
  • How can I change hindering habits and attitudes?

How does it work?

During inspiring conversations, I will support you in exploring what is dear to you. In the face of your current questions we will work for more clarity and fresh motivation. Your field of vision can expand and your own understanding of yourself in the context of your actual life circumstances can deepen.


With his present and empathetic support
Mr Gerdes awakened the best in me. Thank you very much!

Mananda Meier, Body and Breath Therapist, Basel, Switzerland