Become an expert in your Self.
Connected & authentic.
Relaxed & successful.

Coaching for Professionals


Coaching means development cooperation at eye level. As your coach, I will promote your personal and professional development in the best possible way – your way. You will be given a safe and supportive space for reflection, inspiration and courageous exploration.

Along the way, we will deepen your self-understanding and your clarity – we will upgrade your perceptions of yourself, your talents, your qualities and your potential.

How do I want to work? What do I stand for? Where are my limits? We will help you answer these  questions. We will work together to build a stable foundation, refresh motivation, make smart and strategic decisions, and take promising steps in the development on your individual professional path.

Areas of focus can be:

Role clarification – Creatively dealing with functions, expectations and responsabilities

Leadership – Growing with the tasks and refining your own leadership style >> more

Communication – Developing your own communicative skills and expanding your  management repertoire >> more

Personality development – Strengthening authenticity, sovereignty & authority >> more

Self-care & Resilience – Maintaining health and stability in challenging times

Shaping my future – Taking good steps in the right direction >> more




Thanks to the personalised coaching with Dr Gerdes, our experts and managers were able to achieve visible and sustainable progress in their chosen fields of development. Dr Gerdes is very receptive to the individual person and his/her specific issues; he understands how to awaken hidden potential, initiate development processes and strengthen the person as a whole.

Human Resources Department, Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, Hildesheim, Germany