First and foremost

one person

is to be led:


The Art of Leadership

Leadership comes from within. It is not a technique that can be found in a book or learned in a workshop. True leadership only emerges when people develop themselves. It comes from a maturing personality that is authentic and credible. Individuals with such a personality are able to recognise themselves, what they want and what they can do – and what they cannot.

“The centrepiece of good leadership is personality”

During leadership coaching, an individualised, on-the-job leadership training will be developed and conducted. The clear analysis, targeted training tasks and regular reflections implemented in the coaching sessions will promote personal development, thwart inhibitions and bolster skill sets. The following topics will be addressed:

Who I want to be – Developing and expressing personality

Taking the lead – Expanding the will to lead and shape

True signature – Refining an individual and authentic leadership style

Joint venture – Recognising leadership as a cooperative project

Self-care first – Finding a healthy way of dealing with pressure and stress

Finding out what is right – Making smart and coherent decisions

Modern leadership principles such as agile and systemic leadership bring more freedom and self-responsibility to the leadership role. With these, the leader has more leeway but also faces new demands in the daily management practice.

Leadership coaching gives you the opportunity to reflect on and try out cooperative, adaptive and experimental approaches – enabling you to develop and refine your own leadership style.


Mr. Gerdes was very insightful in recognising  my personality and specifically supporting my further development. At first, I didn’t have any idea of what the Leadership Training would be like – but the result was very convincing.

Dr Sonia Fontaine – Programme Manager, German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Syria