builds a beautiful,

stable bridge

from me to you.


… is an art with many facets.

Starting with attentive listening, through an inviting body posture, to skilful and intentional formulation. Sophisticated communication is a key competence in building good working relationships, conducting effective project work and establishing successful leadership. 

In the Visible Change communication lab we take a close look at your communication:

  • Developing a better feeling for your own communication.
  • Getting to know different forms of communication
  • Communicate in appropriate and intentional ways
  • Listening with appreciation and giving constructive feedback
  • Dealing well with interpersonal tensions and conflicts
  • Building good relationships

On-the-job training

During the coaching process, worn-out communication patterns are identified and replaced by new, more beneficial forms. These can then be practised in everyday work, so that the perception of the effect of one’s own language is sharpened and the communicative repertoire is expanded.

Video training:

Simulated work conversations, creative role-plays or own presentations are recorded in the video call and analysed together in the follow-up. Strengths and weaknesses can be identified, the understanding of one’s own communication style is deepened and appropriate forms of communication can be practised.

  • Non-violent communication (NVC)
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Toastmasters Public Speaking
  • Simulated staff talks
  • Roleplay
  • Video Training

I found the right coach in Mr. Gerdes! He offered an environment that gave me trust and confidence. His style of raising awareness and then accompanying me on the learning journey was impactful. I feel my interpersonal and professional relationships have tremendously improved!

Fred Nuwagaba, Programme Component Manager, German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Kampala, Uganda