Change is beautiful.

Background & Principles


After many twists and ecapades I found my professional home 17 years ago in systemic coaching and the founation of my company “Visible Change“. This is where the deep affection for people meets my varied life experiences. This is where my growing understanding of development processes and psychological interrelations is fueled by my passion for self-liberation and personal growth. Guided by humanistic values and a deep respect for individuality, I support people of all backgrounds, origins and ages in their personal development, especially in the context of their professional activities.

International cooperation

Decades of working with people from different corners of the world and my travels to more than 40 countries have coined my attitude. Thus, I see myself as a distinct cosmopolitan with a great deal of cultural openness and sensitivity, truly enjoying the different ways of thinking and living in other regions of the world. I consider cultural diversity and cross-border cooperation to be key for shaping our common global future. International coaching and working in a transcultural context have become the vivid core of my professional activities.

Coaching principles

Appreciation: My attitude is characterised by interest in and empathy for the person as a whole, with all abilities, inclinations and desires – with all strengths and weaknesses.

Eye level: On the human level we are all equals among equals.

Holistic and systemic perspective: No one exists alone. We are all integrated into cultures, networks, families and organisations, and we are deeply interconnected with the ecology of our planet.

Curiosity: I enter every encounter with an enquiring mind, always connected with the desire to experience and understand my counterpart (and myself) more deeply.

Presence: Now is the moment that matters. What is relevant now? What emerges in the interaction between coach and coachee?

In general, I am dedicated to contribute to a socially and ecologically more just world. That is why working in the context of forward-looking, sustainable and community-oriented projects is particularly close to my heart. This is what I stand for and this is what I am committed to.

Dr. Peter Gerdes