Stepping in.

Stepping up.

Stepping forward.

Express your Self


Let’s start with something futuristic:

How about saying ‘YES’ to ourselves in a new way. To what we have become, what we want to be and what we hold dear. What would it be like to interpret our professional activity and our role in a way that is free of doubt and resistance, but instead filled with joy, creative power and self-expression? What if we became more secure and relaxed in our cores – with who we are, with our abilities and with our shortcomings?


“Doing it my way”


This guided Self-Training focuses on the following goals:

  • Understanding one’s own career better and projecting it into the future
  • Overcoming inhibitions, doubts and resistance
  • Realising and expressing one’s own qualities more fully
  • Becoming more robust through challenges, crises and conflicts
  • Dealing more confidently with weaknesses, defeats and losses
  • Developing self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence

YES, what would that be like?

In the Visible Change development studio, we address these questions – and their realisation. In reflective conversations and through explorative training tasks, you will be encouraged to deepen your self-understanding, claim your future path and step forward. Honest. Determined. Courageous.


Excellent experience!
Dr. Gerdes‘s one-on-one coaching is unique and personalised. I feel at home with him and it‘s been the most beneficial transformation in my life.

Eric Maranga, Finance Specialist, Nairobi, Kenya