is the key

to good development.

International Coaching


Supporting experts and managers during their assignments abroad, especially in the framework of Development Cooperation, is the core competence at Visible Change:

  • Mental, emotional and operational preparation for the assignment.
  • Supportive guidance during the assignment.
  • Integrative follow-up after the assignment abroad – processing the experience and reorientation.

“No one is an island”

The coaching essentially focuses on your very personal challenges and development issues that arise in your daily project life. Accordingly, you will receive professional guidance, an encouraging foundation and clarifying reflections to support you in many possible ways:

  • Role clarification and expectation management
  • Maintaining and expanding personal stability
  • Refining your own leadership skills
  • Expanding communication skills
  • Promoting self-care under demanding conditions
  • Constructive handling of crises and conflicts
  • Building and deepening intercultural competencies

“Personal empowerment is the key”

Our joint explorations are personalised and goal-oriented – fully aimed at your personal empowerment and your professional development. They will deepen your self-understanding and support you in building confidence and creating balance in your professional life abroad.

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The chain of people has roots in the peace project “One World – One Team” established by Peter Gerdes.

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The coaching has personally empowered me and strenghened my confidence. I appreciated a lot the sensitive and sensible approach which was very helpful for me. I could lay a strong personal foundation which I could not have achieved just by myself. Very good to do it.

Guillaume Mereres, Team Leader, Jemen – German Agency for International Cooperation, (GIZ)